A quarter-century of Fendt for South-West dealership

A quarter-century of Fendt for South-West dealership

This year’s Royal Cornwall Show will be the scene of celebrations for South-West farm machinery distributor Alan Snow, as he reaches 35 years of trading and the quarter century as an authorised Fendt dealer – one of the earliest to have been established in the UK.

Alan’s career in farm machinery began when he left school and signed up for an apprenticeship. By the time he was 25, he decided to go it alone by setting up a small repair business from home in Thornbury, Devon. His reputation among the farming fraternity spread quickly, resulting in his appointment as service agent for Fendt just three years later.

The absence then of a full-time service dealer network created an opportunity for an engineer of Alan’s calibre, which he took readily and developed rapidly.

“I remember well the first Fendt we supplied as a dealership,” he recalls. “It was a 312 model, bought by a local contractor. He’s still going strong, still a good customer and currently runs three Fendts. Our second, third and fourth purchasers after starting with the franchise are all still customers, all still operating Fendt tractors.”

Serving such a diverse agricultural region, Alan finds it impossible to define his typical Fendt customer. “You can’t generalise, as you might be able to in some parts of the country,” he explains. Nevertheless, once a farmer has made the decision to step up to a Fendt, he doesn’t often go back, Alan has found. “The high residual values certainly help,” he says. “It’s only the first one that might hurt a bit!”

“Things have changed a lot in the past 25 years with Fendt – with the tractors and our company,” Alan reflects. “Both have grown more than I could ever have imagined and that is, in no small way, thanks to our dedicated and loyal staff, customers and suppliers. “It’s very rewarding – and a regular sight – to see a Fendt tractor working on the land in Cornwall and Devon.”